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Terra Nullius Genesis Gallery, Atene

Windows of Illusion, Palazzo della Cultura, Galatina

Tempus Fugit, ex conservatorio di Sant’Anna, Lecce

  • Publication, Voyager Magazine, p.87
  • Critique, Maria Melendi, PhD, Art Historian, Curator, Director of Municipal Art Gallery. Corfu, Greece
  • Critique, Elza Ajzenberg, Professor of Art and Communication, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Sao-Paolo, Brazil
  • Critique, John Thomas Spike, Art Historian, Author, and Consultant specializing in the Italian Renaissance & Baroque periods. New York, USA


“I see form as an accessing of meaning, as a material holding of the ephemeral and the poetic. I mine the physicality and psychology of the material seeing in them an expansiveness and a capacity to evoke sensorial experience”

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