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The clarity austerity and the synopsis, constitute above all and characterise the artistic narration of Eva Caridi .A narration that aims at the description of the course of human gender via the sculpture, daring to impress episodes of (a history) by taking in consideration, various parameters. The artist appears to acknowledge very well the difficulties of undertaking such a task, as it leads to an expressive road that requires a strict coexisting between the rules of harmony and the negotiation of philosophical ideas’ witch finally achieves to exude a realistic outcome with eternal duration. Eva Caridi is turned to the sources in order to mine the elements that compose the content of her work (ancient writings, the mythology) while she does not hesitate in attributing by monumental size her narrations. She attempts consequently but also in a entirety to mine the details witch consist the entity of her body of work, to speak for the coexistence of people on earth, for their total and mental dimension, for their relation with the God and the universe, for their happiness and their infelicity, for what separates them as well as their link that includes them in the eternal time and place, their history. This report in the duration of phenomena, the final search of places of convergence and the differences that result from the syncretism, Eva Caridi, active member of a society with phenomena of syncretism, Greece, witch constituted space of human meetings on centuries in the Eastern Mediterranean and with a particular origin (from Corfu, she brings us a word of universal message of the places of coexistence. By what means can this be achieved? In the biblical city of Babel (project of: Babel changing the rules, 2007) that sought to touch upon the sky, where knowledge has led to human isolation. Cain’s fear of his own death (Cain and Abel 2005)in the face of his brother, it prompted his children to wander on earth, in order to end up in the city of a labyrinthine loneliness without beginning, and finally, without exits. The passions, but also the crash, dominate. Human soul suffers chained from the acts of violence. The city as a human community, until today suffers from the same passions. In this city those who do not speak a language are recognized as barbarians from their brothers. The meeting of the two that prompts firstly in a violent human conflict (Sky 2006), it constitutes the alone road to the common course, to the recognition of self-knowledge and the elevation. The holy texts of religions confess on the course to the elevation, the deliverance, the meeting of Cain and Abel, man with angel, the Garden of Eden. Somewhere there in the Garden of Eden, where the time is suppressed, exists the place of those who can coexist and converse. With a new figurative way, that is the continuation of her searches, in the description of human history via symbolisms, in the type of installation and with main level sculptural themes, Eva Caridi offers us her opinion for the human city Babel. The proposal constitutes field of reading and assiduous interpretation of basic elements of syncretism and consequently sincere placement of herself, opposite the modern society, in the differ functions, in the mechanisms and in her future development. Maria Melendi, art historian (PhD), curator, Director of Municipal Art gallery Corfu, Greece

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