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When did you leave the heaven? This work is a portrait of a contemporany Eve, a realistic and decadent icon of her time, but who was neverthless, an ordinary woman, whose storycan relate to all woman. Intimate portrait is a inner journey, consisting of a large walk in installation, emotionally charged, with interactive spaces, inviting the visitor, to walk through the sculptures. This give to the visitor the opportunity to participate and to place within the space, forcing to consider the basic assumptions and to re-examine the own feelings and attitudes. Eva versus Eva is an emotional spiral, pushing toward a feeling of nakedness. The representation is depicted as a piece of theatre. The crisis is the collapse of everything that is certain, when all morality explodes. When this happens, we are faced with fear anger and desperation, just like the biblical parallel of the banished and a modern day Eden is created. The journey culminates in the hope: the redemption of Eve in Love. The love that moves all the Universe. This work is dedicated to the most profound feelings in the human soul and it is in some way an act of love, of pure emotion. (Nunzia Perrone)