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Eva Caridi



Art is an inquiry into the poetic and philosophical conditions of dwelling. 

Sometimes like a stage play I reconcile relationships between body, site and language to evoke the conditions and locations between the internal and external. I reach for forms which synesthetically embody the psychology of orientation, comparative, existential conditions within the corporeal and geographical contexts. Form and site provide the material culture, the substance and context, from which meaning is distilled. 
I see form as an accessing of meaning, as a material holding of the ephemeral and the poetic. It is within the poetic realm that form, as material and language, finds relevance with the human condition, its being and time. I mine the physicality and psychology of the material seeing in them an expansiveness and a capacity to evoke sensorial experience. The material acts as embodiment and mediator, between the durative and the evanescent, the revealed and the obscured, the above and the below. Comes in silence, seeking response.

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